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Kashmir with India Or Pakistan

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Kashmir is a mountainous region, which enjoy a very important geo-political situation. Kashmir with India Or Pakistan (Kashmir) is surrounded by Pakistan in west and china embraces it in the east. The India Provinces of  Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are in the south. The area is famous for its Extra-Ordinary natural beauty and resources. Presently, the northern and western sides of the region are occupied by Pakistan while the southern and eastern parts are controlled by the Indian union for over decades; the region has been devastated by continuous between the two countries. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers and in the case of another shooting war between them, the entire subcontinents including Kashmir may be destroyed.

Pre-History of the conflict starting:

The British Indian empire was formed of hundreds of princely states spread all over the Indian subcontinents. Finally in June 1947, the British accepted Pakistan plan. But the Hindu maharaja was hesitating to join either Pakistan or India. The Muslim population is greater than Hindu; Maharaja was against Muslims, he decides to join India.

October, 1947:

War breaks out between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.


Kashmir issue has been the primary cause of diplomatic, political and military standoff between India and Pakistan. Both sides are showing interest to begin bilateral talks issue lies in the acceptance of Kashmir deserve to live a normal and peaceful life. India and Pakistan both must come forward to eradicate the terrorist organization functional in Kashmir and continue the bilateral talks. In this way by mutual goodwill.
by Zohaib Nadeem

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