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Social Comparisons

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Social Comparison may be a normal behavior strategy where we seek to raise understand our status concerning ability, opinion, emotional, reaction and more, by comparing ourselves to people. A Research has shown that a third ranked athlete in the world Olympics is happier than a second ranked athlete. In fact, the third ranked player compares himself to those who have not won a medal.

 Happiness is not only related to the individual's past experiences but also to social comparisons. Social Comparisons are very common. in everyday life we compare ourselves to our co-workers, friends and even family heroes in terms of wealth, health, beauty and clothing.

Humans have the unique ability to coordinate behavior, economic exchange, political action, and social relationships across immense distance and times to say this level of coordination running smoothly, we frequently look to others as comparison standards for a way to behave think and feel an in depth understandings of the relation between social comparison and broad patterns of social life is lacking, however the present research may be a step during this direction, we show that social comparison is linked to cultural practices that promote strong norms and punishment for deviance (tightness) and people that promote relational self construal. These findings advance our understanding of the origins of social comparison and highlight the essential role of comparison for the event of social life.

Social Comparison not only plays a task within the judgments that folks make about themselves but also within the way that folks behave. As you compare yourself to others, consider how both upward and downward social comparison might influence your self-belief, confidence, motivation, and attitude, and be careful for negative feelings which may emerge as a results of this process.

Sometimes it is a good comparison to try to overcome our weaknesses and flaws and try to be like them. and often we become jealous, inferior and lack self-esteem. we often compare ourselves to people better than ourselves and get sad. The more you compare, more you will feel insecure and unhappy.

One person was getting a monthly salary of 05 lacs and he was very happy. He was happier than his colleagues and friends. but when a friend of his started getting 06 lacs monthly salary his joys turned into sorrow because of comparison. Our social comparisons are not only about wealth but also about success and beauty. As we progress, we compare ourselves to more successful people and get frustrated. in other words we often compare ourselves to people who are better than us and get upset. While happy people enjoy the success of others. Happy people Compare themselves to people who are inferior to themselves. Such comparisons give them joys and peace in life.

The Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) said: Look at those below You, Don't look at those who are higher than you, the result will be that you will not despise the Blessing of Allah.

So if you want to make your life happier, make sure to compare your life with people those who are downward to you.

By Junaid Abbasi

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