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True Love Relationship Conditions

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is not a word, it’s a combination of words. L for Loyalty, O for Obedient, V for Versatile and E for Energy. For love you have all these qualities in you and your partner. You and Your partner must be loyal to each other that you share your all happiness and problems with each other. If there is any tough time then encourage your partner that, that day is not far when everything will be alright. Be power to your partner. Above I use word Energy, there must be energy in your love and this energy comes from your trust, loyalty care and respect. All these ingredients nurish to your energy in love. If you increase the quantity of these ingredients then your love will be stronger day by day. 
 Now I am coming to the actual topic, there are some points which will help you that you are truly in love: 
1. When you give importance to your partner more than yourself.
 2. When you accepts all bad habits of your partner and silently try to remove them. 
3. When you take care of your partner more than yourself and take care of all his/her little things. 
4. When your partner always in your mind. (You may call this overthinking) 
5. When you always feel your partner’s presence with you when actually he/she is not with you. 
6. When you give respect to your partner even after breakup and Don’t listen any bad about him/her (It’s love from both sides when he/she also gives respect to you even after breakup) 
7. When you remember all moments you spent with your partner and feel tears in your eyes and smile on your face. 
8. When you listen all your partner’s problem peacefully, encourage him/her and try to resolve all of them. 
9. When you just not give respect to your partner but also every person belongs to him/her like family, relatives and friends. 10. When your heart beat fasts when your partner comes in front of you even after when you both are not together more. 
11. When expensive gifts doesn’t matter for you just his/her presence with you matters a lot. True Love lasts forever.No matter you are with your partner or not but it remains in the form of prayers and respect forever.
By Asma Sandhu (PSA)

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