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World War 2 Causes (Part 2)

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World War 2 Causes  On June 22, Axis army launched-on some counts- the heavy military operation in history to attack USSR, which now passes de facto into the camp of Allied forces. The bulk of the German army, well equipped. To support the Soviets, Allies forces occupy Iran which then opens a supply route through the Caucasus. German forces arrive in Leningrad and begin a siege of the city that would last 872 days that cause more than 1 million civilian deaths. 

Further south, German army were stopped at the gates of Moscow, where they suffered a deadly and harsh winter.  

To counter its expansionist policy, the USA imposes upon it an embargo on oil and steel. In react the Japanese conducted a surprise attack on the USA at pearl harbor. A heavy aerial bombing damages a large part of the United States naval fleet. The USA enters the war on the allied side.

 Hitler built the Atlantic wall, a series of army installations protecting the coast from invasion. But the Allies first landed in Algeria and Morocco. Italian Libya found itself caught between two fronts. Having lost control of its territories, France was attacked. Africa is now completely controlled by Allies forces who organize a landing in Sicily.

The USSR advances quickly westward, forcing the German to concentrate on that front. On June 06,1994, the Allies landed in France Normandy. Their Armies quickly take over and liberate Paris. In the East, as in the West, countries are liberated or switched camps. With victory in sight, allied powers countries announce the creation of the united nations. Countries that declared war on Japan and Germany would be admitted at its founding conference. This triggers a wave of war but without major consequence.

Hitler On April 30 commits suicide in his bunker just before the arrival of the soviets. Eight days later, the Germany surrenders. The USSR and USA join forces to overcome the Japan empire. The soviets begin a military invasion via Manchuria while the US drops two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 15 august Japan surrendered, As a end of world war II.

Conclusion: With 6 years of war, the world toll is heavy with at least 60 million dead, mostly civilians. Many cities are entirely destroyed. Europe and USSR subject millions of German prisoners of war to bonded labor, many of whom would die. Austria and Germany are carved up among the victors.

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